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The e-Rainbow company gives you the opportunity to repay your order through many ways.

A. By direct payment by credit card on our site

  • Payment can be made via "credit, debit cards".

You can pay with your credit card during the purchase process through our site. Your transactions are made securely through the banking network of ALPHA BANK. For more information, visit the "Transaction Security" Terms of Use page.

B. Cash on delivery

You have the opportunity to order the products you want from us and to pay the transport company upon receipt at your home. In this case there is an additional cost that you automatically calculate when ordering. For more information visit the Shipping Methods page.

C. Deposit in a bank account

You can deposit the price of your purchases in any of the following bank accounts and enter in the receipt details your order number from the form that you filled in and completed in our online store.

(In order to complete your order, a proof of deposit must be sent to the fax or e-mail of the company with the name of the depositor)

Alpha BANK - Account No. 290002330000323 - IBAN: GR44 0140 2900 2900 0233 0000 323

NATIONAL BANK - Account No: 09040096068 - IBAN: GR 59 0110 0900 0000 0904 0096 068


* The costs for interbank transactions are borne by the customer.

D. Payment upon receipt of your order in our store

You can place your order and choose a payment method upon receipt of your order from our store. After the collection of your products we will contact you to inform you about the receipt of your order.


  • You receive the product / products and pay the price in cash.

By debiting your debit / credit card

  • Credit card purchases can be made from the store upon presentation of relevant documents.

For any further clarification or information please contact us.

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